“The best of houses, is the house
where an orphan gets
love and kindness”

A step towards a better future

Given the different situations around the world, many of the children lose their parents. It could be due to poverty, illness, tragic accidents or war.

Too many children in the world live all alone – without a mother and without a father – deprived of love and care. Several of the things we take for granted do not roam the minds of orphans. After all, they live in a state of ignorance of the next meal, their future – and no room for dreams!

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Vencer-IT charity

At Vencer-IT, we believe that every person as well as company has a responsibility to contribute to charity – small or large. Given the challenges orphans face, we knew that we needed to do something for them.

Thus, we discovered charity works where we can have a lasting positive impact and experienced the quality and difference they make in orphan lives.

It is important to us that the children can live and enjoy life – get love and care. They also ensure that the children get a high quality of life, great self-confidence, proper learning and education conditions, recreational opportunities, exceptional food, etc.

Vencer-IT donates a minimum of 10 %
of the annual profits to orphans